Uniquely PCD

There are many fine schools at which students will receive a good education. Yet each school is different and one size does not fit all. Just as each child is unique, so too is the experience each child will have at the school he/she attends.

It is the teachers who knew me that defined my PCD education.

PCD teachers are not only experts in their disciplines, but they are also experts in adolescent education. It is what they do—and love. They are fire starters and light up the classroom every day, whether in a sixth-grade reading class or in one of the unique programs that you will only find at PCD.

Arts Winter Session

Arts Winter Session is an exciting opportunity for students who are committed to full-year art classes (choir, instrumental ensemble, portfolio prep, and senior studio) to try something new. Singers can take a drawing class; visual artists can explore jazz vocals. Without giving up a year-long pursuit, students can juggle creative time during this seven-week session in January and February. Some classes meet three times a week and others meet two, giving students the greatest degree of flexibility to supplement their commitment to the arts.

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The Atlas


The Atlas is PCD's seven-day rotating schedule.  Classes meet in a similar sequence each day, but the sequence starts with a different period each day. The schedule enhances the student learning experience with built-in flexibility ad a more efficient workflow. Students have the opportunity to perform during individual peak times, and a regular block when the school can gather in its entirety allows for unique off-campus activities without sacrificing valuable classroom time. An extended teaching period at the start of each day supports greater variety of instruction to help make the vital connections between theory and practice. 

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John H. Chafee Leadership Forum

Providence Country Day is proud to be the host school of the Chafee Leadership Forum, an annual program, that honors the late Senator John Chafee and PCD’s commitment to leadership and public service.

Each year the Forum brings state and national leaders to Rhode Island to work with students from PCD and other Rhode Island schools discussing policies and issues of current relevance. Promoting participation in the electoral process during election years and supporting community service initiatives are permanent themes of the Chafee Leadership Forum, as these foster a culture of active involvement and giving.

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The Compass

compass logo small.jpg
The College Search should not be the first time students think about who they are in a meaningful way.

The PCD COMPASS program is an initiative that offers unique grade level experiences to help students prepare for future success—in high school, college, and beyond.  Through a series of activities and initiatives starting in Grade 9 and concluding in Grade 12, the program empowers students to start to visualize the course of their lives through high school, college and into the years of their careers as working adults.

The goal is to equip students with tools for self-discovery in order to see the power of their own potential.

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Freshman Foundations

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action."

Walter Anderson
Freshman Classroom.jpg

The transition from eighth to ninth grade is a unique one filled with questions, excitement, anticipation and, of course, anxiety as students take their first of many steps towards adulthood.  The Freshman Foundation program acknowledges and embraces this anxiety, and puts it into action.  The program is designed exclusively for freshmen with the purpose of building a bridge to make that giant leap from Middle to Upper School an easier one, and to give students the “foundation” and tools they will need to be successful throughout high school.

The Freshman Foundation program extends throughout the 9th grade year and includes a variety of components. 

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The Nature Lab

Andrew Goldsworthy inspired sculpture in PCD's Living Classroom
Andrew Goldsworthy-inspired sculpture in PCD's Living Classroom

This distinctive program is inspired by the archetypal Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), whose artistic brilliance was enriched by his inquiries into the fields of mathematics, music, engineering, anatomy, engineering, botany and geology.

The cross-curricular Nature Lab initiative instills knowledge, stewardship and respect for the beauty and complexity of the environment.  Teachers work together to help students discern the connections between science, design, art, mathematics and the humanities.  Students come to appreciate the integration of the disciplines and experience first hand how growth in one translates to increased proficiency in another.  When students graduate from PCD, they will see themselves and the world differently as a result of their learning experiences.  Environmental challenges as well as opportunities lie ahead.  Students who have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the connectivity of the natural world will be better able to respond.  The program provides a high degree of preparation for various careers that lead to solutions of environmental concerns.

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Rhode Island Philharmonic Partnership

saxophone player.jpg

When the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra and Music School made its home across the street from the PCD campus, it presented a natural opportunity for collaboration.

PCD's growing music program, which includes both instrumental and choral components in grades 6–12, saw its musicians juggling their practice time and space. Thanks to our unique relationship, the Philharmonic’s renovations, which include state-of-the-art facilities and a digital piano lab, are now available to PCD musicians.

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Senior Wellness Groups

PCD's innovative Senior Wellness Program was developed to address not only the many issues facing college-bound seniors, but also to provide them with skills to manage stress now and in the future. Students participate in weekly single-gender sessions to discuss a wide range of social issues including peer pressure, substance abuse, the transition to college, and stress management.

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Sophomore Service.jpg

Service—to those in our PCD school community as well as in our neighborhoods and around the world—is an essential part of a PCD day and building a life of character with purpose. PCD's formal service requirement for Upper School students reinforces the importance of giving to others and recognizes the efforts of students who extend themselves to do so.

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Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a crucial aspect of every part of Providence Country Day School's program. Stemming from an understanding that successful learning is a holistic process that must occur in the context of supportive relationships, PCD's SEL curriculum focuses on providing the tools, resources, and opportunities that will empower individuals and strengthen our community.

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