Leeds Library

Leeds Library is a comprehensive resource center with the primary goal of supporting and enriching the academic curriculum at PCD.

We also seek to nurture the diverse interests and abilities of our students and faculty, to impart skills and self-confidence so students can operate effectively in any library, to provide a comfortable and caring atmosphere for individual and/or group study, and to foster a lifelong appreciation of reading, viewing and listening as sources of pleasure and personal growth.

Our substantial collection of 14,000 volumes and nearly 50 periodicals covers an array of academic disciplines and student interests. We also utilize the latest technologies to provide our students with up-to-date resources. Our experienced librarian provides motivating instruction and expertise, which builds on the academic curriculum, and gives students a solid foundation of research skills to support their educational careers and beyond.

Leeds Library Catalog
Access the Leeds Library Catalog. On campus only.

Ocean State Library Catalog
The OSL network is the new name of the CLAN network. A library card from your local public library will help you access all of the features on the OSL site. Be sure to check out the catalog of the HELIN Consortium which is composed of 10 academic and 15 health-science libraries.

Internet Public Library
Imagine the Internet as one giant library. This site will help you search for the most relevant and reliable information.

Library of Congress
The most extensive book list and a host of many other information resources are available at the nation's oldest federal cultural institution.

Library Spot
A good place to connect to library links and other reference sources.

New York Public Library
A wonderful resource for books and other materials.


Information & Hours

Library Hours

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

About Leeds Library

The Leeds Library takes advantage of the latest technologies, research tools and techniques. With a masters degree in library science and through active participation in professional organizations, Ms. Kirby is well-versed on cutting-edge developments and develops our resources accordingly. A large computer lab and exhaustive online databases make the library a valuable, community-wide information center. Come in and check us out!