2017 Senior Profiles - Patrick Madden

Posted: July 17, 2017

Patrick Madden leads a quiet day-to-day life, but explodes with great animation once he hits the stage. His keen interest in the performing arts has led to three years in choir and PCD Players participation in all four of his years, including a boisterous, hysterical turn as Mr. Paravacini in Agatha Christie’s Mouse Trap. Patrick identifies himself as an avid reader who loves to learn, often through broader outside activities. Among these are the cross country travels he has taken with his family, and his more recent interest in fencing at the Blackstone Valley Fencing Academy. He has even pursued pre-collegiate opportunities, such as the Junior Statesmen of America program at Princeton University, and the Saints and Scholars Institute at Notre Dame. Patrick’s brother, Colin, is in the Class of 2021. Patrick worked at Drama Kids International for his senior project. He will attend Wheaton College.

Last Updated: June 29, 2017


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